PPT FREE Workshops Sept 2016

Come along and join us for a fun & relaxing evening to learn about how you can grow & develop a more positive mind-set. 

Learn how to…..

-Develpo & grow a more positive mind-set
-Build your self-confidence
-Overcome your fears, worries and limiting beliefs
-Identify and eliminate obstacles that hold you back from creating the life you really want to be living
-How to overcome feelings of overwhelm so that you can find clarity, and create more balance in your life
-How to step outside your comfort zone
-How to half your excuses and double your actions
and much more!

Mon 19th Sept @7.30pm in the Downstrands Family Resource Centre, Portnoo

Wed 21st Sept @7.30pm in the Donegal Womens Network Centre, 6 Tír Chonaill Street, Donegal Town

 Fri 30th Sept @11.00am in the Niall Mór Centre, Killybegs


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